FAQ'S of Radiesse

What is Radiesse?
Radiesse is a resorbable, non-dissolvable injectable dermal filler comprised of calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres. When Radiesse is injected, the thick Radiesse beads create a scaffolding under the skin, that stimulates new collagen production. Radiesse is ideal for correcting moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, enhancing/lifting and the cheeks and jaw, and replenishing volume loss.

How do I know if Radiesse is the best Dermal filler for me?
During your consultation at SkinTight Aeshetics, your injection specialist and skincare expert will address your skin concerns, discuss your goals and then recommend whether Radiesse is the best dermal filler for you, based on your unique needs.

How long does an appointment for Radiesse injections take?
The exact time depends on the area being treated, but generally Radiesse injections takes half an hour to an hour to complete.

Are Radiesse injections painful?
Radiesse injections are very tolerable. The injections cause very mild, very temporary discomfort, and feel similar to a slight pinching sensation and some pressure. A topical numbing agent can be applied prior to injections, to ease any discomfort; However, most find the injections extremely tolerable without any numbing agents. Ice is applied to the treated area to aid swelling and ease discomfort.

How is Radiesse administered?
Radiesse injections are implanted intradermally through a fine gauge needle into the discussed treated area.

How long does it take for Radiesse to work?
The results from Radiesse are immediate; However, swelling is apparent after Radiesse injections, and it can generally take up to two weeks for any swelling or possible bruising to subside. After a few weeks Radiesse will have settled, and continual improvement can be seen due to increased collagen production after treatment.

How long does Radiesse last?
The duration for Radiesse can last anywhere from 18-24 months; However, some patients may metabolize Radiesse quicker than others.

Is there any downtime after being treated with Radiesse?
There is no downtime required after being treated with Radiesse, and you are not required to schedule any time off of work. You can go straight back to work can resume normal activities immediately; However, exercise is not recommended for 24-hours after injections. Mild swelling, red bumps or bruising may appear after injections; However, any redness tends to dissipate shortly after treatment and makeup can be gently applied.

What Is the recovery process after Radiesse injections?
After your Radiesse injections, you may experience redness and swelling, bruising may also be visible. You may experience tenderness at injection site for a few days after your treatment. Depending upon the areas treated and products used, you may feel “firmness” in the treated areas for 1 to 2 weeks after treatment. Over time, the areas will soften and “settle.” For discomfort you may take Tylenol. Arnica creams can be topically applied to aid bruising, swelling and pain after treatment.

Are there any side effects or possible risks to being treated Radiesse injections?
Like any medical procedure, Radiesse does have potential risk factors. During your consultation your provider will determine if Radiesse is the right dermal filler for you. The most common side effects associated with Radiesse include mild or moderate temporary injection-site reactions such as: inflammatory reaction, redness/pain, tenderness, firmness, swelling, lumps/bumps, bruising, itching, and discoloration. It is unlikely that any serious side effects will occur, but if you experience anything that seems unusual, it is important to call our practice and talk to a practitioner.

Who is NOT a candidate for Radiesse injections?
During your consultation an assessment will be made to ensure who is the right candidate for Radiesse injections. Radiesse is not safe for those who are those with bleeding disorders or other health problems. Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding are not a candidate for Radiesse injections.